Hamradio talk

DK5HH and myself had a talk at the Hamradio 2017. Unfortunately I could not travel to Friedrichshafen as I had other unplanned work related commitments. Thanks to Michael for covering! You can download the slides for the talk here: Hamradio 2017 talk WSPRlive

RedPitaya comparison 125-14 bit vs 125-10 bit

There are two version for the RedPitaya on the market: STEM 125-10 (10-bit ADC/DAC) STEM 125-14 (14-bit ADC/DAC) The 14-bit version is roughly 20% more expensive compared to the lower resolution version. In case one wants to operate a  dedicated RedPitaya 24h/7d with SDR-WSPR, thinking about the difference in performance with repsect to receiving more wspr messages, is probably a good idea. The WSPR protocol is capable of decoding messages up to a signal to noise ration (SNR) of -28 dB (Wikipedia) with respect to a 2500 Hz reference bandwidth. Nevertheless I regularly get decodes till -31 dB. This raises...