2 thoughts on “RedPitaya SDR-WSPR Application Pre-Release

  1. Joe, AC8ES

    Thanks for a nice WSPR interface for the red pitaya.
    I see you have a lot of WSPR receptions in your screen shot: https://github.com/PA7T/sdr_wspr
    What are you using for an antenna, and did you perform any ‘ppm’ correction?

    1. I am using a 42m-windom antenna for two stations: DL2ZZ and PI9ESA. both are in roughly 10m heigh and work perfect for a 8-band wspr receiver.
      You can get it from: dx-wire.de windom
      Concerning the ppm correction, yes I do 🙂 please have a look at: GPSDO frequency stabilization In case you operate it at constant temperature, i.e. inside the house, a one-time correction is fine.

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